In an increasingly complex world, it is reassuring to be reminded that the  basics of life are still with us – in fact in most cases, quite literally at our fingertips.

For me these basics are:

  • cooking
  • homemaking
  • gardening
  • health and wellbeing
  • personal style
  • craft

Why do family and friends not feature in this list? Well that is because I consider them integral to these elements and forming the basis of all that is important to me. When I cook, clean, plant, run, dress or stitch, it not only enriches my life but impacts on those that are dear to me.

As you read this blog, I hope it helps bring into focus those aspects of life you value, so you can derive as much pleasure from them as I do mine – plain and simple.

Judith Harvey
Melbourne, Australia

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. I too garden as a hobby and a few years back included cooking; than baking. As for well being, well when I was a teen I was into healthy eating and nutrition. They told me I should be a Nutritiousness. But I didn’t go that route. But I still read and have always informed my family about the in’s and out’s of eating healthy. Hey I found your blog by way of Frugal Eater. His blueberry brownies to your raspberry brownies. You think Mango would be a good fruit to try? Maybe even banana. I know strawberry would; as those too have always been a pair.

    I like your blog I have signed to follow. I would like to invite you to check out my blog over at savorthefood.wordpress.com . I have lots of recipes that call for blueberries savorthefood.wordpress.com/recipes/ (inside the dessert file).

    Hope you stop over. Look forward to your future post’s.

    Chef Randall


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