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A day spent on a bicycle is a day well spent.

Cycling is the true cross-generational activity – something you’ll notice as you glide past parents, teens and tweens all securing their part of an outdoor experience on bikes of varied incarnations.

Other than balance, little skill is required to pedal along and see up-close versions of the gardens and bush tracks that may only be glimpses throughout your motorised daily commute.

On a sunny afternoon, we take great pleasure in heading off in a new direction to discover local ‘unchartered’ territory. The constraints of time, schedule and expectation evaporate in the sunshine,  to leave a residual of contentment. Often on these journeys I ponder possibility or simply enjoy what is.

When you are next presented with the opportunity of a clear day, pack a flask and a bun in your pack, mount your treadley and discover where the day leads you.

Postscript: Of course, one of the finer points of a day out cycling is ensuring you factor in an ice-cream stop-off on the homeward journey.


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