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Adventurous plans, as well as eggs, hatch in trees.

Secured on a sturdy limb, your view of the world takes on a majestic quality and suddenly all seems possible. Concealed from view, except from that of local insect and avian life, you can monitor all that passes by and plot your future. You become the author of your destiny and no one can interrupt.

Yes, tree-climbing certainly promotes gross motor skills and large muscle group development in young bodies, but the flowering of the imagination that occurs in the solitude of a tree, far exceeds these physical benefits. Despite the danger, keeping a child out of a tree can be likened to moths and flames – inevitably drawn to one another. As a mother, it has not so much been ‘don’t look down’ but actually ‘don’t look up’ –  at your cherished, metres above the earth.

So if you are happy to advocate the tree-climb but need courage conviction to be an adult bystander, remind yourself that while a child inhabits a tree she is viewing the world through a curtain of leaves, not a plasma screen, her hand grasps a branch, not a joystick and her mind is building her future not an app score.


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