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Let’s face it. There are times in life when, after mentally turning over all alternatives with no resolution in sight, the only option remaining is to resort to celestial guidance.

For someone who is the first to scoff at anything remotely esoteric, it is uncanny how often I catch myself lingering over the astrological page of my Sunday magazine. Should I favor the prediction, it is thoughtfully tucked away to be referred to at some point of the day or week when a connection can be made. If however, the forecast is grim or not the general essence of my expectation, astrology is conveniently dismissed as hocus pocus. I’m not the most loyal of disciples.

Far too often we doubt our own ability to ‘choose the right path’, when in fact, we have the map inside us all the while. This map does not appear as a series of topographical lines but instead a roll call of values – pertinent only to ourselves. This well-worn, crinkly chart that we unfold and examine when a decision or a choice must be made, is the one that is responsible for all of the outcomes of which we are proud – or that settle with quiet satisfaction within us upon reflection.

Electing to use this chart when you are standing at a perilous cross-road can seem like a gamble and it is only from a vantage point of time past that the invaluable guidance it has provided is realised.

Sometimes a glance at the stars however, can contribute to an equally important element of our lives – fun.

Postscript: I do like to indulge Jonathan Cainer, as he usually spouts a bit of wisdom. Here is my reading for today:

  ‘If you want an improved relationship with someone, try to see the world from their point of view. Get them to talk and show that you are listening, so that you can encourage them to trust you. If they say something that you don’t like the sound of, hide your reaction; don’t leave them feeling as if there are things they dare not say. And, if you in turn, want to be better understood? That is not so easy. There is really nothing you can do, other than offer so much genuine empathy that they feel inspired to return the favour.’

Ok folks, I’m ready to hear what you have to say – fire away!


2 thoughts on “Stargazing

  1. I am a Jonathon Cainer fan! It is so true that when all else is not working a bit of celestial guidance is a good avenue 🙂 Sometimes I cut out my week’s stars in the hope that a glimmer of it may come true. Magical thinking I know, but you just have to do whatever gets you through some weeks. Really enjoying your blogs Judy


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