sausage in bread

Duties, tariffs, taxes and rates – all designed to raise much-needed national revenue and yet there is shortfall. I wonder how long it will be, until the powers that be, turn their gaze to the sausage and realise its fiscal worth. Playgrounds have been constructed by them, libraries resourced by them and deserving individuals jetted around the world by them. If local communities can finance their projects by weekend sausage sizzles, imagine the budget surplus that could be achieved if our governing body was to adopt this approach …

A sausage in bread. Bread being white, sauce vivid red and meat so hot that it must be held at bay for a good ten minutes before the first bite. This is good Australian weekend fare and whether you are visiting a hardware store, voting in an election or attending a sporting event, you will be hard pressed not to find it. As the enticing aroma drifts on the breeze, man and beast appear – the former delving into their pocket for loose change and the latter gazing expectantly at the grill.

Apart from their utter delectability, they answer the prayers of a busy parent – that’s lunch / that’s dinner, so do have an extra one. The protein and carbohydrate have been covered, will just have to double up on the leafy vitamins and minerals tomorrow.

Not to be forgotten however, is the camaraderie developed between the gathering of strangers who come together, glove up and work shoulder to shoulder to serve these well browned offerings for the greater good.

Postscript: have a lovely weekend.


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