If I see lattice in someone’ s garden, I am immediately transported to north eastern Victoria. Here in my grandmother’s garden is a converted carport, with a side of white lattice and a hoya wax flower climbing plant weaving its way in and out of the spaces.

If lattice holds a similar appeal to you also, it’s not difficult to create this garden feature for yourself.

My length of timber lattice came from Bunnings. I painted it with some left over water-based white paint and attached it to the brick wall outside my kitchen door.  As lattice just begs for a climber to thread its way through its cross hatched slats, I planted a Clematis underneath.

As you can see, she is doing her stuff beautifully this spring!

As an addendum (aka voice of experience) – to avoid white paint on your wall don’t be impatient to get your lattice happening – let it dry for 24 hours before attaching …..


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