A cat’s presence adds to our home, the same sense of completeness that the parsley garnish does for a steaming bowl of pasta!

The backdrop of my childhood was dotted with cats of many guises and personalities – tortoiseshell, siamese, black and white. Wherever I have lived since, they have adorned the furniture or perched on fences waiting for my return.

These days, sharing our home with a tabby named Stella, still brings with it those same rewards. Stella provides:

  • my daughter with masses of photo opportunites, by looking artful wherever she sits
  • daily amusement with her cat-specific antics
  • quiet companionship when you are alone in the garden.

Have you ever really looked at a Tabby? The stripes, spots and colourscheme are remarkable. The symmetry of the markings facinates me – nature is a mystical creature.

As I watch her quietly grooming herself on a stool in the kitchen or nestled in a bed of leaves under a tree, I notice that she is not concerned about what might happen next week, whether she will she get home from work in time for a tennis drop off or if the kitchen is looking a bit dated. She simply takes life for what it is – and what a lovely living reminder of this to have with you each day.

Post-script: Stella came from our local animal shelter Peninsula Animal Aid at six years of age. If you are planning a similar addition to your home, a rescue cat is sensible choice.


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