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When lavender is blooming, all is well with the world.

Bees waste no time bustling around, seeking out the makings of their honey, while the purple heads nod in the light spring breeze.

After you (and the bees) have enjoyed the best of the blooming time, you can harvest your lavender for sachet making. Cut a nice bunch and lie it flat for about a week or so to dry. When the flowers feel ‘crispy’, shed the heads into a jar. You can even collect the tiny seeds for new plantings while you’re about it.

To make the sachets, cut two 4 inch squares of fabric, place them together and sew around three of the sides (about 1/2 inch in from the edges). Fill the bag through the opening you created, with your fresh harvest. Sew up the last side. Use pinking shears to trim the four sides. Tuck your sachet away, and enjoy the fragrance whenever you visit!

These sachets are quick to make, so rustle them up in batches and dot them around your home. Mine live between towels and sheets, with the socks and undies and if I remember, under my pillow.


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