There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained when you use an object of beauty or interest to fulfil a utilitarian purpose.

I found this old dear in a thrift shop and she now resides next to my computer holding pens, tape measure and other assorted paraphernalia necessary for online browsing.  Any clutter vital items that land on the desk, get tossed under her lid. In fact she is the extraordinary who creates orderly.

We do have a tendency to organise ourselves this way in other areas of the home, with the potatoes living in a pottery urn, the eggs in a ceramic ‘chook’ and the washing powder in a large preserving jar. All containers are quirky, thrifted and repurposed.

Giving new life to objects with a history is a way of saluting the past and making a commitment to a sustainable future.

Post script: if anyone knows the history of this fruit jar, don’t hold back.


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