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A  work colleague of ours is dealing with a difficult illness and in response, her family and friends have decided to fold 1000 paper cranes to peacefully assist her.

If you are not aware of the story behind the origami cranes,  it originates from a Japanese legend. In Japan, the crane is a considered a sacred bird and the belief is that if 1000 paper cranes are folded the recipient will be granted a wish or eternal good luck by a crane.

Keen to support this, a large group of us set about folding cranes for our colleague. Whilst we didn’t quite reach 1000 in the time we spent, there are now a large bundle of cranes that will join many others folded by a network of people who care.

What I saw, were many pairs of hands employed by compassionate hearts.

Folding an origami crane for someone special, is a simple yet powerful gesture to make.

Postscript: To brighten someone’s day, you can find the crane folding directions here. If you need greater visual guidance, YouTube offers many clear demonstrations.


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